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Customer Advisory: Hurricane Iota Strikes Central America

November 18, 2020

As reported from media outlets, Hurricane Iota has hit Central America causing strong winds, heavy rain and widespread flooding. Iota it is the second hurricane to strike Central America in two weeks, compounding damage caused by Eta.

Please note the APL Logistics teams in Central America are in direct communication with customers regarding specific cargo and shipments. Below are updates from our local operations in Central America:

Guatemala & El Salvador

  • The same towns impacted by Eta have been hit by Iota. In El Salvador, cities bordering Honduras and Guatemala have endured most of the flooding and destruction.
  • Guatemalan ports (on the east side) are closed for 24 hours due to heavy rain, and bridge damage, so cargo will need to be in held in the city.
  • APLL teams in Guatemala and El Salvador are safe and at home.


  • Rivers have flooded and damaged bridges. The Honduran government has prohibited passage through these bridges. This has limited the transit within San Pedro Sula.
  • San Pedro Sula is flooded and public services are lacking, this has caused operational issues for our APLL teams in Honduras.
  • Puerto Cortez is closed for 48 hours; routes to/from the port are damaged.
  • APLL teams are safe, but some had to leave their homes for safety.


  • The storm continues with heavy rain and strong winds. The capital Managua City is flooded and electricity and internet service is down or spotty.
  • The hurricane has caused widespread damage to roads. Factories and carriers have closed. There is no cargo delivery to/ from ports.
  • APLL teams are safe and working from their homes.

We will continue to monitor the situation and send additional updates as needed. If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact your APL Logistics Account Manager or local APL Logistics office.

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