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As an early adopter of data visualization tools, we continuously build and enhance our data solutions to deliver results for our clients. Our methodology combines years of experience in both Big Data and supply chain logistics. These powerful tools help us get to the crux of persistent problems in your supply chain. For example, while working with a major sportswear brand, we helped determine why a large percentage of their orders were consistently late to a target distribution center using a magnified analysis of four years of data.

The Power of Visualization

Our innovative solutions empower you to adapt to changing markets

Visualization is a key part of our offering because we have seen first-hand the power of visual representations of data. As we continue to grow and expand our offering, we are also using machine-learning and AI to explore how we can understand a range of functions like forecasting, demand planning, and exception management.

The solution is offered via two basic channels, which are available across key markets for both short and long-term engagements:

Visual Analytics

Visual Analytics provides operational indicators for over 300 customers and focuses on key metrics that are common in logistics management.

Visual Intelligence

Visual Intelligence is a step above, and adds the ability to aggregate data from multiple systems and functions to identify the root causes of complex, global scenarios.


APL Logistics’ new DataGuaranteed™ services – ensures complete, timely, and accurate transmission of carrier events.

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GHG Emissions Product Suite

APL Logistics’ new GHG Emissions Product Suite – measure, manage and mitigate 100% of supply chain transportation GHG emissions.

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